Sunday, November 16, 2008

Beer Review: Blue Moon

Blue Moon Brewing Company Belgian White Ale

This is the most common white ale in the United States. Blue Moon can thank it's availability to being owned by the powerful Coors Brewing Company. I have really enjoyed all of the Blue Moon offerings I have had so far and this one is no exception. Appearance is a light golden color with the characteristic cloudy yeast goodness of unfiltered beer. I wish more beers were unfiltered. It's good for you and just looks cool. Aroma is slightly sour with some definite citrus going on.

Flavor is dead on for the style. I don't think this needs a slice of orange. Really solid citrus and coriander flavors with the complexity of the wheat malt. You will definitely notice the spicing but it's not overwhelming. The hops are not really noticeable but this style generally doesn't use more than a tiny bit of hops. Unless you are a huge hop head you won't miss them.

If you've never had a white ale or a Belgian beer this is a great place to start. While this style is generally more popular on warmer days I enjoy a lighter ale to change things up in the winter. Spiced stouts and porters can get repetitive. This is by no means my favorite style but it can hit the spot now and then. A good go to beer at bars that don't have a huge selection.

Final Score: 75% (Refreshing, Different, and Available)

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