Monday, November 24, 2008

Beer Review: Sierra Nevada Harvest

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company Harvest Wet Hop Ale

This is one that I am glad I found. Very hard to find a real wet hop ale so I quickly snatched a bottle of this. The bottle has a description of the amazing effort involved with harvesting these hops and quickly adding them into the kettle. The pour alone is amazing. Rich amber color with the most amazing head I have ever seen. Towers over the beer and really sticks around. Its still there 15 minutes later. Lacing all the way up the glass. Almost like a wall of foam. Aroma is eqaully great. Extremely rich pine and floral hop notes that really overwhelm.

Despite the great aroma and apperance the flavor is even better. This is like drinking hops. The hops are defintiely in the driver's seat but this still manages to be well balanced and drinkable. I will choose this over your standard IPA any day. This is a delight to the senses. This might be the beer to make an army of hop heads. The malt is still there though. Just the right amount of caramelly sweetness to balance this out. If I get the opportunity I will be picking up a case of this. A rare release this good needs to be stocked up on.

If you like hops this is a beer you must try. I wonder if it is even possible to get more hop flavor in here. The flavor is still ridiculously clean. I need to figure out how I can get my own wet hops. I may have to start a garden. This is just amazing. I don't want to overhype any beer but I feel that this won't disappoint. Sierra Nevada sets the bar really high with this release.

Final Score: 95% (Hop Perfection. Amazing.)


Evo Brewer said...

Wow - this sounds great, I will keep my eyes peeled for one of these puppies. Love Sierra Nevada!


Anonymous said...

Bring this into work you little freak! Your colleagues need this beer!