Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Beer Review: Brooklyn Oktoberfest

Brooklyn Brewing Company Oktoberfest Lager

Yet another Brooklyn review. They are one of my favorite breweries and I always like to support the local guys. Even if all of their bottles come from Utica. I had a party about a month ago and got a 1/6 keg of this to serve along with the hoppy River Horse Hop Hazard. Went over very well, these malty Oktoberfest beers are definitely one of the best style for sessioning and partying. This has the classic appearance down perfectly. Dark amber color with a brief head. Aroma is really malty, almost like bread.

Taste is very rich yet drinkable. You get hit first with that malty richness that does a great job of hiding the slight alcohol bite that follows. Hops are there but really just for bittering and they stay in the background most of the time. How does this stand up to other Oktoberfest beers? I would say this is better than most of the Oktoberfest beers that I have had. Definitely beats Sam Adams, Saranac, and Becks. Though I think it's still not up to Climax quality. I will say this on draft is hard to beat though. The bottled version loses some of the fresh malt flavor.

If you are able to get this and haven't yet I recommend trying it. This is about as good as this style of beer gets unless you go to a smaller microbrewery that can really deliver that great fresh beer flavor. The hopping and the malt flavors are pretty much dead on. This is another great offering from the wonderful borough of Brooklyn.

Final Score: 93% (Will Hit The Spot. A Great "Go To" Oktoberfest.)

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