Monday, November 3, 2008

Beer Review: Samuel Adams Cranberry Lambic

Boston Beer Company Samuel Adams Cranberry Lambic

This is a very unique offering. Its not everyday that I get the chance to try a lambic. Mark from Must Love Beer gave me the suggestion of pairing this with turkey on Thanksgiving. That is something I must do. I will save at least one of these for that magical day where dinner happens all day. This is a beer I had been very curious about. I've had some authentic Belgian lambic imports and I wanted to know how Boston stacked up. This beer is also interesting because of the choice of fruit. Usually, fruit lambic beers utilize sweeter fruits (apple, raspberry, cherry, etc.) while this uses the juice of tart cranberries. Pours a cranberry copper-red color with an average head. Aroma definitely of cranberry and that characteristic sour lambic malt smell.

Flavor is surprisingly authentic. The sour malt tastes exactly as it should be, tart and crisp. The cranberry flavor really comes through. You don't have to do any digging to find it. I think they must have used sweetened cranberry juice as there is a sweetness to this beer that couldn't have come from cranberries and sour mash alone. This is very balanced but it is lacking some of the sharp flavor that you can get from a lambic of the Lindemans quality. The sweetened cranberries don't have the kind of clean flavor that this brew needs.

Even with it's flaws this is still a good beer. Not explosion of flavor good, but it is fairly authentic and a nice departure from the hop and malt variety. I am glad this is included in the winter variety pack and I would even consider buying this in sixes if available. Don't expect to be blown away but this is enjoyable.

Final Score: 82% (Tasty, but Lacks Depth and Refined Flavor)


sujo said...

Hmmmmmmm sounds like this is going to be great for Turkey day.. im riding back with you 2!!!!!note to self... cooler in the back of the car!!filled with one for each of us..

LumbeerJohn said...

I will have one saved for you to try. I'd like to see what you think.