Thursday, November 6, 2008

Beer Review: Sam Adams Cream Stout

Boston Beer Company Samuel Adams Cream Stout Ale

I think it's fitting that I am reviewing this directly after the holiday porter. They are cousins but one is stronger and darker than the last. My final review for this year's winter classics mix pack. I don't get too much of an aroma from this but I may have waited too long. The appearance is about as dark as beer comes, some lighter brown on the outside of the glass but very dark overall. Head is caramel colored and lacing shows up strong.

Flavor is definitely deeper than the holiday porter. You really get down into the chocolate and coffee with this brew. Dark roasted goodness. This doesn't come free though. The price you pay is decreased drinkability and a slightly bitter aftertaste. The rich roasted flavor will fill you up very fast. Great flavor but this beer forces you to take the slow sipping approach.

This beer doesn't have any serious flaws. The increase in flavor causes a decrease in drinkability. It really comes down to your personal preference. If you want to down a couple of dark beers you may have to look elsewhere. I just find that after I have one, I don't want another. You will have a hard time finding a richer or more flavorful stout.

Final Score: 85% (Deep Flavor, Low Drinkabilty)

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